PPPE Conference

Pan Pacific Pork Expo, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
CCD Animal Health once again was an exhibitor at the 2016 Pan Pacific Pork Expo (PPPE) at the Gold Coast. This year’s Expo was extremely well supported and attended, reflecting the current profitability in the Australian pig industry. Pig prices are at record high levels and all the market signals indicate that prices and demand for additional volume will continue to increase.
Pig producers at the Expo took the opportunity to find out about new technologies and management practices from the wide cross-section of suppliers on site. CCD Animal Health featured a broad range of products on their exhibition stand but especially highlighted Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide due to the high levels of interest shown in the lead up to the Expo. Selontra is a highly palatable and effective non-anticoagulant rodenticide and pig producers from around the country were keen to find out about how to best incorporate it into their on-farm rodent control programs.
Picture: Staff from CCD Animal Health and BASF, the manufacturers of Selontra, discuss rodent control programs with pig producers at the 2016 PPPE.