Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide registered by APVMA

In news highly anticipated by the pig industry CCD Animal Health are pleased to advise that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) have now registered the use of Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide in the national marketplace.
Since autumn 2016 Selontra has been approved for use by the pig industry under a Permit from the APVMA. This Permit was issued in response to requests for a palatable and effective rodenticide but one that wasn’t from the anticoagulant chemistry group. Rodent issues have been a significant problem throughout this year and Selontra has done a fantastic job in getting rat numbers under control in piggeries.
With full registration now in place, pig producers can make use of Selontra in accordance with the approved label instructions. Importantly Selontra can now be laid (always in lockable bait stations) internally inside the piggery. This development will be very beneficial to producers whose piggery buildings are already infested with rat populations. And by continuing to bait around the external perimeters of buildings and along boundary fence lines producers can protect their operations from infestation by new rodent populations and simultaneously bring resident populations under control.
Contact CCD Animal Health for further information on the use of Selontra in conjunction with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to achieve effective rodent control in agricultural situations.
View the new label here.