Delivering natural, efficient, and sustainable poultry production solutions for the post-antibiotic era in Australia

CCD Animal Health (Australia) and Animal Health Concepts (AHC) from the Netherlands announce today an exclusive, long term, partnership to provide innovative animal health solutions to the Australian Market.
Under the partnership, CCD will utilise its experience obtained over more than 40 years’ meeting the needs of intensive animal production enterprises, as well as stock feed mills and veterinary consultants. AHC will bring in its deep expertise in applied plant-based additives, especially in high performance antibiotic-free livestock production environments.

Fabian Barcelo, CCD’s Business Manager comments: “We are extremely excited to engage with AHC for the Australian market and to offer our customers new nutritional concepts that impact animal health. Initial local trials have confirmed that their products can offer our customers additional benefits.

Practice-proven solutions

AHC’s new CEO Martijn Adorf commented: “The success of AHC’s concepts is not only solely based on scientific insights. Daily collaboration with high-performance farms in the Netherlands and Germany for many years, thereby understanding and addressing their most practical health and nutrition related production challenges were the foundation of the development of their products and our approach.”

AHC follows strict criteria in product development: products should consistently show improvements at farms within a matter of days, not weeks. Due to application of its phytogenic products in drinking water, AHC has been able to provide poultry farm operations with practical and effective tools for most of the challenges of the production cycle, both for conventional or antibiotic-free (ABF) production.

Keeping healthy and productive animals

AHC’s product portfolio has two lines of action:

  • Phytogenic products for optimal digestive efficiency.
  • Nutritional products for situational health support.

Although mainly developed for use in drinking water, use in dry and liquid feed or as an oral drench are also part of the concepts.

DigeMax EE, AHC’s key phytogenic product, consists of a complex proprietary blend of essential oils and herbal extracts with exceptional water solubility and storage stability of 2 years allowing rapid on-farm application at times of stress for the animals.

DigeMax EE’s blend of well-known active ingredients are described in scientific articles for having anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasite, anti-oxidative and/or anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the growth inhibitory effect against several animal health impacting gram+ and gram- bacteria has been confirmed in vitro studies from the Central Veterinary Institute, part of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. In vivo, many high performing broiler, layer, piglets and beef farms in Western-Europe, have been applying the AHC concepts for years.

AHC approach in practice

Ruud Schrijver AHC’s Technical Director and founder comments: “The challenges that poultry farms around the globe face are similar but never identical. Years of practical experience enable our farm visiting teams in Europe to support the farmer and veterinarian with accurate diagnosis. CCD will be able to support the Australian farmers with our combined technical experience.”

CCD and AHC will jointly facilitate trials based on customer-specific programs, and after understanding improvement goals and performance metrics supported by calculation models.  

CCD’s Fabian Barcelo: “Besides helping our customers to gradually reducing the use of antibiotics, we would like to offer them consistent results flock by flock while maintaining or even increasing profitability of each farm. We are confident that AHC with their proven track record in Europe has the necessary experience to support us in achieving this for our customers.”

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