New Partnership – Tonisity

In October this year we finally signed the long-awaited agreement with Tonisity to distribute their highly anticipated ‘Gatorade for piglets’ product, Tonisity Px. Tonisity is the world’s only isotonic piglet drink that is specifically formulated to boost survivability and support early-life development of the piglet’s digestive tract and immunity. This enables piglets to grow healthier, faster and better, allowing for a better ROI for producers. A recent meta-analysis on over 120,000 piglets worldwide demonstrated a consistent 25-30% reduction in pre-weaning mortality and 220g improvement in weaning weight when piglets are given Tonisity Px from Day 2 of life for seven days. Regardless of a producer’s existing performance parameters, Tonisity Px can take your productivity to the next level!

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